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 ♥Devils Playgroundl♥

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PostSubject: ♥Devils Playgroundl♥   Tue May 03, 2011 2:34 am

This tut comes from me own creative mind
any similarities are purely coincidental
You need working knowledge of psp to do this tut

PTU kit from Broken Dreams called Devils Highway
you can find this kit at MPT here

Tube by Alayna Magnan
you can find it HERE

open new canvas 600x275 (we can resize later)
open paper #8 resize by 600 copy and
paste to your tag

open your close up tube copy and paste to your
tag and move to the right change the blend mode
to hard light and lower the opacity to 45

open the stairs element 47 resize
height by 500 copy and paste just above your
tube layer position like mine

open element #59 resize width by 600 pixels
copy and past to your tag position at the top

Add your tube again and position to the
right i gave both tubes Xero radiance with
the default settings

open element #37 resize width by 600 pixels
copy and paste to your tag
position at the bottom (you might have to move it
down a little extra cuz when we add the jiggle
it curves up at the bottom a lil)
Duplicate 3 times for a total of 4
Click on the top one
Effects-Eye Candy-Jiggle
with these settings


Add these setting to each of the other 3
layers hitting the random speed button
each time
hide all but the top one

Open the word art resize height x270 pixels
copy and paste to your tag move slightly to
the right. i recolored mine to fit the tube
Select all - float - defloat - expand by 2
add a new raster layer and flood fill black
now on the original word art duplicate 3 times
for a total of 4 word art layers
On the top one add these settings


for the next 3 layers add the same
hitting random speed on each
hide all but the top layer

you can add any other elements you wish
from this great kit.

you can keep the tag as is or you can
go on to animate like mine
Add your copyrights and any names

Copy merged
In Ani Shop paste as new animation
In PSP hid the 2 top layers of the smoke
and word art and open the 2nd layer
Copy Merged
In Ani Shop paste after current frame
do the same for the next few layers
till u have all 4 frames in ani shop

In Ani shop
Edit - Select all
Animation - frame properties and set to 25

View animation and were done

I hope this tut was useful
please come back to show me what you came out with

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♥Devils Playgroundl♥
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