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PostSubject: Indapendance   Indapendance Icon_minitimeFri Jun 24, 2011 11:22 am

This is prob the shortest tut ever lol but
thought it looked cute and i made the fireworks myself

Indapendance IndTutLee

This tut is from me own semi creative mind
any similarities are purely coincidental
for this tut you will need working knowledge of
psp and ani shop

Tube of Choice Im using Bam Bams nice
Independence Tube from
My PSP Tubes
PTU Kit Comes from Me you can find it HERE Called
Living in The USA

Animation HERE

Start with a new canvas 650x275
we can resize later

open a paper from the kit that compliments your tube
resize by 650 copy and paste on your tag

open the word art copy and paste it to the tag
as is

open the stars strip copy and paste to your tag move
to the top
move to the bottom

Open your closeup tube
copy and paste to your tag above the wordart
and position nicey nice

open your full tube copy n paste to your tag
under the word art
Move to the right and position like mine
duplicate and mirror

(Optional)Add Xero radiance to these tubes
change blend mode to hard light

Add a new raster layer to the top of all your layers
select all
Modify Expand by 5
Floodfill with a red white and blue gradient
add some noise to it
Uniform checked
Monochrome checked

now add any other elements to your tag
and any copyright

Its Time to animate if you wish

Hide layers from your full size tube
all the way up so that just
the paper the 2 full tubes and the wordart
are showing
Copy merged

Paste into your anishop
there are 59 layers in the fire works animation
so duplicate your tag 59 times

Select all on the animation and copy
Paste into selected frames on your tag
and place where you would like it

Now back to psp
close off the layers we jus copied
and unhide the others
copy merged
paste as a new animation in ani shop
duplicate 59 times like before
select all an copy
and paste into selected frames on your tag

View animation and your done

thanks for trying out this tut
be sure to come back and show me what ya did

Indapendance Mel
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