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 Its Halloween!

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Its Halloween! Empty
PostSubject: Its Halloween!   Its Halloween! Icon_minitimeTue Oct 04, 2011 2:52 pm

This tutorial was written on the 4th of November 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental n unintentional.

Its Halloween! Itshalloweentony


Tube of choice im using the awesome artwork of Tony Tzanoukakis you can find it at PTE
Please do not use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Scrapkit by Lacarolita Its Halloween here
Mask of choice
lawn tube (comes with psp)

Blank canvas 800x800 ok copy and paste frame 2 as a new layer resize it by 60%.
Click inside the frame and expand it by 5 paste a new paper as a new layer selection invert and hit delete bring it below.
Copy and paste your tube invert delete on both sides and change the opacity to 45.

Add another layer of paper add your mask now, copy and paste the moon as a new layer resize it by 50, with the earaser opacity at 50 start deleting the side like mine.
Ok add a new layer behind your frame layers, with your lawn tube thats installed in psp start clicking around the frame similar to the way i have mine. With your color correction tool change the grass to a dark brown so it looks like dirt.

Copy and past the old house i used my deform tool to resize this so you will have to guess the size you want it to be, i have it so its slightly smaller then the frame.
I did the same for the old tree, copy and past the bats resize it by 30 and place.

Copy and paste Jack Punkin resize him by 45 and place. Open the fence copy and paste it and resize it by 90 a couple of times then with your selection tool select the ends hanging out and hit delete.
Copy and paste the gravestone resize it by 45, duplicate it and resize about 70 again or the size you would like and place it.

Copy and paste the broom resize it by 40 and then again by 60 rotate left by 10. Add your tube at this point.
I added the boo wordart and a gradient glow to it so it brought it out some lol.
Now add the cat and resize it by 15.

Add your name and copyright and your all done hope you like.

Its Halloween! Rainovermebreena
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Its Halloween!
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