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 Fire To The Rain

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PostSubject: Fire To The Rain   Fire To The Rain Icon_minitimeSun Jan 29, 2012 8:28 am

This tutorial was written on the 28th of January 2012 any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional.

Fire To The Rain Firetorainsimone2

Tube by the awesome Elias Chatzoudis which can be purchased thru PTE please dont use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Template by deb and linda here
kits from Jamie, tamie and vicki from the Valentines section here
Animation by Simone you can find it in section 41-50 called hearts glitter trail
My word art
Fire To The Rain Adelelyric
Filters needed ec gradient glow and glass, xero radiance
Mask of choice mine is from Rosey number 2 from the creative misfits blog also
Animation Shop

Ok now open up the template shift +d to duplicate it and close out the original.
Go to image canvas size 800x800, we will start with Jaime's kit and move from there.

Copy and paste paper of choice open up your mask, layers new mask layer choose your mask and merge group.
Open up sbjglitter splat 2 paste as a new layer above the mask layer, resize by 70 duplicate and mirror, merge down and resize by 80.

Select your retangle float and defloat, add paper of choice as a new layer selections invert and delete; delete the rectangle layer. Now on the paper layer add gradient glow to it fat size 4 everything else default.
Delete the 2 line layers. Go onto the heart layer the pink one float defloat it add paper of choice invert and delete now add your tubes to it also and deselect.
If you have multiple tubes like mine merge down on the top one now duplicate it, on the bottom tube layer set it to screen, and the top layer to soft light now add xero radiance default setting to it.
Repeat the above steps for the next heart layer.

Add sbjdove resize by 30 and place duplicate and mirror it now.
Add sbjbouquetof roses next resize by 40 and place in the middle of both hearts.

You can now close Jaime's kit now we will head to Vicki's kit.

Open elements 5 and 6 copy and paste them resize both of them by 60, place them side by side one lower then the other like mine.
Open elements 34 and 35 copy and paste them resize both by 60 n then again by 90. Add your tube at this point that way you can place the 2 flowers next to her.

Copy element 14 resize by 30 place on your tag, i like the way mine looked in the front lol.

Ok last kit which is by Tamie, Element 28 resize by 60 duplicate and mirror merge dow, resize by 70 and bring down a tad do it again a couple more times. I have it a total of 5 times.
Float defloat your heart change the color of the hearts if you wish add a new layer ec glass default settings.

Element 52 resize by 50 and place behind your tube duplicate and mirror, merge down duplicate it and bring a layer above your tube layer.

Add the word art name and copyright now.


Close everything out until you have reached the bottom flower vine behind the tube layer, Copy merge your tag paste as a new animation frame in animation shop duplicate so you have 27 frames.
Open up Simone's animation recolor if you'd like go to animation select all and resize the animation by 520 x 230, select all in your tag frames go back to simone's animations copy and paste into your tag frames towards the bottom.

Back to PSP close out the layers that were left open and open the ones you've closed out, copy merge them paste as a new animation duplicate it so you have 27 frames select all copy and paste into your other tag frames with the animation slow it a bit to 15 now save your tag and your all done Smile

HERE is a copy of the non animated tag
Fire To The Rain Heartsdesiressimonepng

Fire To The Rain Rainovermebreena
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Fire To The Rain
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