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PostSubject: NIGHTMARE ON ELM    NIGHTMARE ON ELM  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 12:40 pm

NIGHTMARE ON ELM  ElmstreetcariaviNIGHTMARE ON ELM  Elmstreetcari

This tutorial was written on the 23rd of October 2010 any similarities to any other tutorials are purely coincidental
Please do not copy or rewrite any parts of this tutorial. PLEASE NOTE BLINKING EYE ANIMATION AND BAT ANIMATION IS NOT PART OF THIS TUTORIAL.

Tools Needed

I am using the awesome work of Ismael Rac you can buy Here, please do not use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Scrap used Devils Teardrop by blackwidow creationz Here which is a ptu kit
eyecandy nature smoke
Muras Miesters Cloud filter
Fonts of choice

Ok some of the settings may be slightly off as I made this tag maybe a month or so ago

Lets begin open a blank canvas of 600x250 add another layer and put your forground and background to black and the darkest gray in your pallete,
go to muras miesters clouds you should see your two colors there.. Now add the 3rd gray in there it should be a bit lighter then ur dark gray, now play with the
settings to come up with a cloudy sky that you like.. Now that you have that duplicate the layer and close off your top cloud layer.

Ok now open image 11 which should be the moon layer and paste it as a new layer resize to your liking this should be under your duplicated clouds layer
ok change your top cloud layer to a blend mode you like, i cant remember at the moment what mine is but im pretty sure it may be hardlight or burn lol, i also changed the opacity to 94.

Open image image 44 and resize it a little to make it look like the tree is to the front place it on the right side duplicate and resize so it looks like the tree is further from the front and place it
besides the taller trees. duplicate your duplicated layer and make that a bit smaller and place it next to that tree also.

Open image 29 wich is the devil looking man and resize so its a bit smaller then the tree that you are going to place it behind, like mine go ahead and playround with it see what looks best.

Open image 32 the coffin and resize place to liking.

OPen and paste image 5 the lil hangy man thing and resize make him look like hes hanging from one of the branches off the tree.

With a font of choice I wrote the Words NIGHTMARE, with the same font and a bit smaller I wrote on elm street and lowered the opacity on both.

Now that we have that taken care of Open your tube of choice and place like mine add a dropshadow. Open image 30 the spider web resize to your liking and move it to the corner
of your tag. Now open image 45 the bat and place him.

Open image 60 and resize place the skull behind your tube like mine. float defloat add a new layer open up your blood splat image and paste into selection. Erase some of it that doesnt look right to you.

Add a new later selections select all contract by 2 selections invert and fill it with a color to match. Add your name and copyright.


duplicate your skull so you have a total of three. With your freehand tool select the eyes of him and go to effects eyecandy nature smoke with the following.

NIGHTMARE ON ELM  Nightmaresmoke

Do the same for the second and third layer but hit random seed each time. Close out the 2nd and 3rd layer copy merged into animation shop as a new animation. Close out the 1st layer and do the same for the 2nd and 3rd but paste it after the 1st frame. change properties to what you like.
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