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PostSubject: SPOOK THIS!   SPOOK THIS! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 12:41 pm

SPOOK THIS! Spookthis

This tutorial was written on the 30thth of October 2009. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Tube of choice I used Ismael Rac you can find his tubes Here. don’t use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Scrap Kit Scream at the night by lacarolita Here
Mask/ halloween0901/wordart By Vix Here
Fonts of choice
Brushes of choice
Plugins muras meisters copies,

For this tutorial you will need a good knowledge of PSP as I didn’t go into details as how add a mask etc…

Open 600 x 250 blank canvas, make a rectangle/ square like mine and convert to raster. Duplicate and mirror. Copy and paste paper of choice from the kit under the rectangle layers and add vixs mask, merge group. Open up tube of choice and paste as a new layer. Go to effects and do the following.

SPOOK THIS! Spookthis

Duplicate this layer, on the bottom layer changes the properties to multiply and opacity 55, and the top layer properties to lighten and the opacity is changed to 33. Bring the top layer above the rectangles (the rest should all be under them).

Merge the rectangle layers together, take magic wand to the inside of one of the rectangles, selections modify expand by 2. Add a new layer n bring it under, copy and paste paper into selection. Redo the following step for the next rectangle but don’t add a new layer under the rectangle for the other paper.

Add whatever other elements from the kit to decorate your tag as your hearts desire. I like simple tags most of the time. AGAIN THE MURAS MEISTERS COPY SHOULD BE ON TOP OF ALL THESE ELEMENTS.

Add your tube above your mm copies along with your word art. I chose to add a border around my tag u do as you like it’s your tag.

Be sure to add your copyright info as well, hope you enjoy this quick tutorial of mine.

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