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PostSubject: LADY NIGHT    LADY NIGHT  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 12:44 pm

LADY NIGHT  Ladynightcaribanner

This tutorial was written on the 22nd of September 2010 any other tutorials similar to this is purely coincidental. Please do not copy nor rewrite any parts of this tutorial. Blinking eye animation is not included in this tutorial.

I am using the awesome artwork of Ismael Rac please do not use this tube without the proper license to do so. You can find it [url=www,]Here[/url]
filters -
muras miesters copies
vm instant art
AAA frames
Graphics plus old photo {optional}
Adjust variations
Brushes of choice im using some brushes from the Fifth Muse which you can find Here

open 600 x 250 floodfill with a gradient. Add muras miesters clouds also with colors to match ur tag. Duplicate this layer so you have 3 layers, add muras miesters clouds again but hit the source base,
do the same for the 3rd layer close out the second and 3rd layer now.
copy and paste your close up of choice and add muras miesters copies.
settings at after image sphere random, 21, 63, and 63 do this 3xs so it fills up the work space.
blend mode at luminance L and opacity down to 20.

Duplicate it and on the bottom layer add vm instant art spider web with the following.

LADY NIGHT  Vmspiderweb

I also used the graphics plus old photo at default on this layer, now add your brushes i used mine on the top of both layers so it looks misted in.

Add your tube and duplicate it on the bottom layer add adjust variations select a color to match your tube. on the top layer gaussian blur 3 and change blend
mode to hard light.

Ok now close off your layers and merge visable the tube layers

open up your layers, with your font color set to white add a word of choice i used lady night, set the blend mode to overlay. Move to the bottom. like mine (not bottom of the layers)

Copy merged your tag and paste as a new layer selections, select all; go to effects AAA frames set the border to 10 and opacity 100, selections contract 11 and hit delete.

Add your name and copyright at this time.


Copy merge your tag into animation shop, close out the 1st cloud layer and open the second copy merge and paste it after the 1st frame do the same for the third layer also. Copy the 1st frame and paste it after the last frame.
On the 1st frame insert image transition, fade and numbers set to 2.1 and 4 do this also for number 10, delete the last frame.
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