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PostSubject: HALLOWEEN HOUSE    HALLOWEEN HOUSE  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 12:46 pm

HALLOWEEN HOUSE  Halloweenhouse
This Tut was written on the 16th of October 2008

Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental


Tube of choice, I am using the great work of ufdesigns

Scrap by carolyn at Ellies Treasures

Filters ~ photo aging kit, filter unlimited 2.0, mura miesters clouds, eyecandy texture, xenofex 2

skeleton from Heathers Animations

My Couldron

A good knowledge of psp for this tut

You may want to grab a drink and maybe a snack for this one, it'll take a while

Open a 600 x 600 white canvas. Add a new raster layer, and go to your materials pallete switch your color to a light grey for foreground and a dark grey for a background angle and repeat set at zero, floodfill your new raster layer.

Open up your elements and copy and paste your house as a new layer, resize the house by 85 percent.

Add a new layer and go to your tubes you should have a lawn tube there make your lawn the way you want cause thats what i did, btw it doesnt have to be perfect. Now install your photo imaging kit into your filters unlimited and use the default settings. your grass should now be like mine. you may want to do this to the house also but not necessary. Add a dropshadow to ur grass and house layer.

Copy and paste ur elements to your liking i changed the blend mode on my ghosts to multiply, I want you to go to your gradients layer and use your secection tool, rectangle to select the parts that are out into the grass area, now hit delete and deselect. On that same layer apply your mura miesters clouds at 100, 100, 3, 21, 55, 61, 26, 1, 0. You may want to redelete your clouds at the bottom where ur grass ends.

We care goin to make your moon now at this time, Choose your eclipse tool and make a decent size circle foreground set at c0c000 and background set at eae710. Selections select all, selections float, selections defloat, effects cutout as follows v and h at 3, opacity 83, blur 37, shadow color da6000 fill interior checked ok, while still selected i want to change the blend mode to multiply so it look like mine.

You can now add your tube and whatever else you need to at this point, dont worry we're almost done told u it was a long one, not like the other ones arent lol.


Now I want you to x out all your layers besides the background, clouds, and grass layer, duplicate your cloud layer 3xs that way you have a total of 4 layers to work with. On the second to bottom cloud layer, go to effects xenofex 2 lightening default numbers or you can mess with it to your liking and change the opacity to 50, do this to the 2nd and 3rd layer that way there is 3 layers of lightening.


So once finished with your lightening go to the top of your layers, new raster layer flood fill white and duplicate so you have 3 white layers, on your 1st layer use go to effects eyecandy texture, texture noise and add the followin

For every layer keep hitting random seed. change the blend mode to multiply

This is how i did my border if you wanted one it your tag so your choice, i added a new layer floodfilled the color i wanted and took my rectangle selction tool and made a square around my tag, I then took my magic wand selected inside my border and added a inner bevel and gave it a drop shadow.

To Animate

Close off the 2 of your lightening and rain layer that way you have 1 rain layer open and 1 lightening layer opened and everyhing else. you can do this also with the culdron up to u as was bein a pima as to why I didnt turn it into an animation.

Edit Copy Merged and paste as a new layer in animation shop, close these 2 off and open another rain and lightening layer and copy merged paste into anim shop after the 1st one do this to the last one also edit select all. you can now open the culdron in animation shop select all and paste into the selection where you want it, you may also have to resize. Add your skeleton also if youd like but be sure to duplicate your layers to match

there ya go our tut is now finished, that wasnt so bad was it?

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