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PostSubject: VALENTINE KISSES    VALENTINE KISSES  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 1:00 pm

VALENTINE KISSES  ValentineKissesbreenaVALENTINE KISSES  ValentineKissesbreenaavi

This tutorial was written on the 17th of January 2010 any similarties to any other tutorials is purely coincidental
Tube by Barbara Jensen this particular tube was from a promotion of hers so you won’t find it on the site you can however get her other V-day tubes from Here
2 Brushes of choice
Fonts of choice
Hearts by me from Here
Scrap Kit for your love from Fantasy Moments

Open a blank canvas 600x250 blank canvas (up to you if you want a white canvas or a transparent one like mine).Take 2 colors from your tube and make a gradient. I did the sunburst horizontal and vertical set at 50; everything else at default settings.

Add new layer and flood fill with your gradient, duplicate this layer; now set the bottom layer blend mode set to difference and opacity 75, Go to add and remove noise set noise to 10 and uniform checked. On the top duplicated layer set the blend mode to burn and the opacity to 30. Add noise of 30 uniforms to this.

You can now add your brushes of choice between these 2 layers. I just did some stars and sparkles to it. I like simple things in my tags as you all no lol. On my stars layer I set it to luminance for the blend mode and opacity 50. On my sparkles layer I set blend mode to Luminance L and opacity 40.

After all that has been taken care of in-between the 2 gradient layers add one of the hearts on the right side of your tag duplicate and mirror it, keep doing this until you have both hearts overlapping in the middle. Now take your eraser doesn’t matter what size really something big enough, but small enough to erase the overlaps change the opacity 50 and start erasing.

Now open element 31 and copy and paste as a new layer resize it by 80 2xs and position it on the top like mine. Now open element 78 and resize position it like mine, I rotated it 20 degrees to the left and positioned it duplicate and then mirror it. You can choose to leave them on top of your element 31 or below it looks good either way. I chose below.

Add what ever other elements you want at this time along with your tube, DO NOT ADD YOUR COPYRIGHT INFO AS YET. Once you have everything positioned the way you want, go to edit copy merged and paste this as a new layer on top of everything else.

Now crop your canvas, by selecting your crop tool and setting the width and height to the same of your canvas size should be 250 by 600 unless you went bigger or smaller

Selections select all; selections modify and contract by 7 and then hitting delete (in this case you don’t have to invert). Duplicate these layers on the bottom layer go to hue and saturation set both slides to 0. On the top layer go to hue and saturation and set it to a color that goes with your tag, I chose to go with red, Set the blend mode to burn and the opacity to 75. You can now add your copyright name and a saying if you please
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