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PostSubject: -♥Who's Gunna Be♥-   -♥Who's Gunna Be♥- Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 1:31 pm

-♥Who's Gunna Be♥- TUTBREENA

-psp x2 but im sure any version will do
-animation shop
-3 tubes (2 close up and one standing) i used the beautiful artwork of keith garvey you can find him HERE
-my template
-my fill
-Eye candy-HSB noise
-font used-Mon Amour Script

-Open up my template and delete my copyright
-add your stand up tube putting it under the woordart (see mine for position)

-add your close up tube and paste it above the oval layer and place to your liking
-select the oval layer selections-select all-float-defloat-invert
-highlight the close up tube an hit delete
-change the blend mode to Luminance (L) and the opacity to 35
go to effects-texture effects-blinds with these settings

-add your 3rd tube layer over the right triangle layer so just the face
is showing and erase so its only showing at the top of the triangle
-do the same to the bottom left triangle

-add your fill iv provided and paste in above the oval layer
-again highlight the oval layer selections-select all-float-defloat-invert
-highlight fill layer and hit delete

-Add the sparkle supplied and fallow the same steps as the fill so its only in the oval

-highlight the oval layer one more time and duplicate it 2 times so you have a total of 3
-on the top layer go to effects-plugins-eye candy 4000-HSB noise with these settings

-go to second layer with the same settingsjust hit randome speed once
-on 3rd layer do the same and hit randome speed once

-Add a name and copyright and we will be on to animation

- close off the 2nd and 3rd oval layer right-click copy merged
-paste as new animation
-close off first open 2nd layer right click-copy merged
-paste after current frame
-back to psp close off the 2nd layer and open the 3rd layer right click-copy merged
-paste after current frame

-go to edit in ani shop then select all
-view-animation properties
-set it on 25
-view animation

-♥Who's Gunna Be♥- Mel
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-♥Who's Gunna Be♥-
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