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 -♥Merry Xmas♥-

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PostSubject: -♥Merry Xmas♥-   -♥Merry Xmas♥- Icon_minitimeSat Nov 06, 2010 12:20 pm

-♥Merry Xmas♥- TYIjade


4 or 5 Christmas Tubes im using the Awesome artwork from Keith Garvey
U need a licence to use his work wich u can find out about HERE

VDL Adrenaline-Snowflakes


Some cute lil Christmas goodies to compliment your tag


Open a new canvas 500x250 transparent

Using your text tool (foreground green/background hidden) With the font
type out your name and fit it nicely to your canvas change to a raster
Effects-Inner bevel with these settings
Bevel #2
width - 12
Smoothness - 16
Depth - 4
Ambience - 0
Shininess - 0
color white

Take your Majic Wand click inside each letter - add new raster layer -
selections - Modify - Expand by 1 - flood fill with red - and move under
your green outline

add one of your tubes and size it so it somewhat fits inside the letter

Using your majic wand on the red part of your name go to selections -
invert - and delete on your tube layer - then on your Blend mode change
it to Luminance (legacy)

Do thos steps for the rest of your letters

once you have that done merge all your tubes togther them merge them to the red part of your name

Now Duplicate it 2 times so you have a total of 3

On the top tube layer selections - float - defloat - Effects - VDL Adrenaline-Snowflakes with these settings
-Size Range Begin - 26
-Size Range End - 26
-Hardness - 100
-Transparency - 0
Basic Snow

Click on the second layer Keep everything the same except change the randon speed bar

Click on the third layer keeping everything the same again changing the random speed bar

Selections - None

On your bottom layer floodfill with black or paper of your choice then add some christmas goodies you have

Add a new raster layer bringing it up to the top - Selections - select all - Modify - convert - by 5 - Invert
now floodfill with red - Effects - 3d effects - Inner Bevel with these settings
Bevel #2
width - 12
Smoothness - 16
Depth - 4
Ambience - 0
Shininess - 0
color white


Close off the last 2 layers Copy merged
over to Ani shop Paste - as a new animation

back to PSP close off the top layer and unhide the second layer - Copy merged
over to Ani shop - Edit - Paste - after current frame

Over to PSP close off the second layer and unhide the third layer - Copy Merged
At Ani shop Edit - Paste - After current frame

Click on the first layer - Edit - Select All - Animation - Frame properties - 23

Now View Animation
Wooalla your done

Hope you liked my tut
id love to see what you made out of it email it to me at

-♥Merry Xmas♥- Karen-6

-♥Merry Xmas♥- Mel
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-♥Merry Xmas♥-
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