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 Christmas Wishes

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PostSubject: Christmas Wishes   Christmas Wishes Icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 5:54 am

Christmas Wishes Xmasbreena

This is a pretty easy tut but thought it was cute enough to share
For this tut you will need a psp program im using x2
but im sure any version will work
Tube of choice Close up and full. Im using the fabby work of Ismael Rac
in order to use his work u must purchase from his site HERE
Ani shop
Texture of choice id supply mine if i knew where i got it

First lets start with a new canvas size 600x300
we can resize later if needed

open the tube you would like to use an pick a color from it
as you foreground and floodfill your canvas

add your texture and set the blend mode to overlay and
lower the opacity to 50%

Add your closeup tube under your texture position
how you like on one side Duplicate it and Mirror
now merge them together and set the opacity to 65%
and the blend mode to Screen

NNow using your rectangle (color that suits the tube) tool make a thin strip toward
the top of your tag convert it to a raster layer Duplicate and flip
Merge the 2 together Select all-float-defloat-modify-Select sections boarder
By 2
Add a new layer and flood fill with the same color as the strips
select none then add some noise i used
Gaussian 100%
monochrome checked

Now add your own doodles or use the ones i provided do
decorate your tag

Add a new raster layer above all the rest
select all modify and contract by 6 then invert
and flood fill with th color you used for your strips
and add the same noise to your boarder

now add your copyright and name


close off all layers above the strip boarders
Copy Merged
Paste as new animation in ani shop

Open the lights i provided in ani shop
it has 5 layers so duplicate your tag till u have 5 layers
select all on your tag
then select all and copy the lights
back to your tag and paste into selected frames

back to the lights keep all selected go to animation then flip

back to ani shop and close off all the bottom layers and
show all the top layers that were closed off

Copy merged and paste as a new animation in ani shop
duplicate so you have 5 layers
select all and copy
paste into selected frame on your tag

then view animation

Hope you enjoyed this tut
be sure to come back and show me what you came up with

My Supplies

Christmas Wishes Mel
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Christmas Wishes
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