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 ♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU

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PostSubject: ♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU   ♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU Icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 12:23 pm

♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU NoseSoBrightFran

For this tut i used the fantastic artwork of Elias Chatzoudis
too use his tubes you must purchase them HERE

Scrap kit created by Tamie at Addictive pleasures called Rudolfina
you can purchas
her kit at HERE

Template Called Summertime #21 made by Artmama Here

Plug Ins
-eye candy 4000-hsb noise

Open the tube you choose to use and template
delete the cr and word art on the temp.

I first added my tube to the template in the center
then using you magic wand click inside the circle frame
selections-invert-delete the access
Effects-xero radiance with these settings

♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU XERO-1

grab a paper copy it
then click on the circle
selections-float-defloat- paste paper-invert-delete

On the circle frame
selections-float-defloat-add a new raster layer-floodfill red
select none-Adjust-add noise with these settings

♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU NOISE

(Now i merged the 2 little circles layers together ,
then the 2 small frame layers and the 2 rectangles on the bottom)

Add papers to the 2 sm circles and the rectangle
the same as we did before

On the bottom rectangle layer
Select all-float defloat-invert
Paste paper-invert-delete

Copy and paste your tube and position it to the right with a flattering
area showing duplicate image and mirror
and position to the other side
Select all on the rectangle layer float-defloat-invert-and delete
the access tube
Change the blend mode to hard light

Now add some element from this fabulous scrap kit
i had mine way to cluttered and had to remove some
i had a hard time choosing what ones to use lol
here is my word art if you would like to use it


once your done adding some pretties
we can start the animation part

Highlight your main tube and duplicate so you have a total of 4 layers
select the top one and zoom into the nose so its big enough
for you to use your freehand selection tool and drag it around the edge
of her cute lil nose
zoom out and go to effects-eye candy- hsb noise with these settings

♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU HSBNOISE

select the second layer and do the same only just clicking the
random speed button
same for the 3rd and 4th
select none

Add your Copyrighs and whatever names and we are ready for Ani shop

Close off all but the top nose layer
copy merged and paste as a new animation in Ani Shop
back to psp and close the first nose and open the second
copy merged and paste into ani shop after current layer
do the same for the last 2

Edit-Select all
Animation-Frame Properties and set it to 25

View animation

Thanks so much for tying out my tut
be sure to come back and show me what you came up with

♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU Mel
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♥ Nose so Bright ♥ PTU
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