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 Save The World

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PostSubject: Save The World    Save The World  Icon_minitimeFri Apr 15, 2011 3:03 am

Save The World  Happyearthdayjo
This tutorial was written on the 14th of April 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional


Im using the artwork of Wendy Fowler you can find her work over at MY TAG ART or her website please do use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Scrapkit save the world by Jo which is part of a collab which you can find here
Filters needed muras miesters cloud, alien skin xenofex 2 lightening, eyecandy textures.
weescottlass mask 161 u can find here

Okly dokly now open a blank canvas ehhh 700x700 so we have some room to work with this one.

Copy and paste paper of choice to your canvas i choose a blue one, and add your mask to it.

Copy and paste frame 5 and resize by 70 click in your circle expand by 4 add a new layer underneath and add muras meisters clouds to it just change the middle color to a light blue that looks almost realistic lol, now that we have that open clouds resize by 50 and place where it looks good duplicate and place again merge the 2 together. Now duplicate them so you have a total of 4 close out the original.
Float defloat and add the following xenofex lightening filter to the 1st duplicated layer.
Save The World  Lightening1
Save The World  Lightening2

do the same for the following 2 layers but hit random seed once more for each.

Ok open up tree resize to what looks good to you and place. Open up unicorn paste as a new layer and resize by 60 duplicate send one below the frame and using your magic wand click inside the circle expand invert and delete the bottom unicorn.

On the original unicorn put a dropshadow and start erasing the parts you dont want showing out, now add your tube so it looks like its sitting on him/her.

Some tedious part cause i got lazy n didnt want to do another rain tut lmao... CLICK ON YOUR CROP TOOL AND HAVE MERGED OPAQUE CHECKED ALONG WITH MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO

Ok close out your lightening layers and open up the original cloud layer. Copy merged your tag (reason for blank canvas hehehe) duplicate it so you have 3 layers of it, now close out everything under it please be sure everything is aligned BEFORE YOU DO.
selection float defloat the 1st merged layer now add the following rain settings in this tut HERE

DO NOT DO THE WHITE LAYER PART JUST ADD THE FILTER SETTINGS TO IT. Add the same settings to the second layer but hit random seed and again for the 3rd layer. When finished open up the other layers and close out your rain layers for now everything now that will be added will be added above the three rain layers.

Ok open up your frog copy paste resize by 30 and place. Open butterflies copy and paste as a new layer resize by 50. Now add whatever else you want to decorate your tag. Add your name and copyright info also.


Open your first lightening cloud copy merged the tag and paste into animation shop as a new frame. back to psp close the first lightening layer out open second copy merged and paste after the 1st frame in a/s do the same for the 3rd. Now select all three frames and change the frame properties to 45. ok we have those all set.
Back into psp now I want you to close all those layers behind the merged layers out we dont need them. Open the 1st rain merged layer along with everyhthing on the top copy merged paste after the last lightening frame. Back to psp close out the 1st merged layer opened, open the second copy merged it and paste it after the first rain layer so far u should have 5 layers altogether now do the same for the 3rd which makes 6 lol.
In animation sho hit ctrl and select the 3 rain layer copy select the last one paste them after the last layer keep pasting them until you have 21 frames altogether.

Now on frame 4 hit shift while selecting it scroll all the way to frame 21 and hit shift and select that frame it should select it all. change frame properties to 20. Select all select animation; animation properties click opaque and change color to white now save your tag all done.

Save The World  Rainovermebreena
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Save The World
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