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 Sweet Egg

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PostSubject: Sweet Egg   Sweet Egg Icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 1:02 pm

Sweet Egg Sweeteggxsie

This tutorial was written on the 24th of April 2011 any similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental

Tube of choice im using the awesome work of Jose Cano please dont use these tubes w/out the proper license to do so
scrap kit used sweet egg by weefaeriering here
mask of choice
Grass tube of choice I used one that came with my psp
Filter used Xero Radiance, Porclien, and Pastelise

Open frame and resize it 14% duplicate and rotate right 90 rotate ur duplicate at 5 again and ur original left by 5.

Open cluster 1 and resize by 13 and set like mine, open cluster 4 and resize by 15ish and place like mine.

Light green grass resize at 15% and again at 60% and place like mine, I darked mine up some with the brightness and contrast set at -18 and -13.
Resize bunny by 10% and place like mine. Add your tulips i resized both by 10%
I added the ribbon and resized by 10 and erased bits and pieces so it looks like it was holding the flowers together.

Ok add some more embelishments to your liking now ive added a bit of paint and eggs. As you can see everything has been resized between 10-15 so play around with yours.
Ok add your grass layer under the 2 frame layers now and recolor to match your tag.

Merge your 2 frame layers select inside the frame with your magic wand and expand by 2 add a new layer under the frames and paste paper 14 into selection add your tubes now while your at it.
Add xero porclien one that goes well with your tube, and then add radiance again one that goes well with your tubes. float defloat your tubes again if its not selected and go to selections load, load from alpha channel and hit ok.

Back on your tubes, xero pastelise with the settings set to

Hit ok, noy go back to selections, load from alpha channel find your tube alpha thingy and select it invert and hit delete. lower opacity 80 now add your main tube whatever else ya like name c/r all that good stuff and save hehehe

Sweet Egg Rainovermebreena
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Sweet Egg
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