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PostSubject: ♥~Fallen~♥   ♥~Fallen~♥ Icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 2:06 pm

♥~Fallen~♥ Fallenschnegge

This tut comes from my own semi creative mind
any similarities are purely coincidental

For this tut you will need working knowledge of psp
and ani shop

I'm using great artwork by Acorncupcake
you can find these tube at My PSP Tubes

PTU Scrap Kit called Fallen By the Fabulous
Black Widow Creationz

Filters Used
Eye Candy 4000 marble

Mask by Vix #207 You can find her goodies

Animation Created by Lovey
you can find this animation and a ton more awesome
animations HERE

Tree Brushes ( i wish i could tell you where i got them
but im sure some are not hard to find)

Lets start with a new canvas 500x500
Select your Eclipse tool
Use the circle-Width 5-Color Black
and draw out a circle on your canvas
(see mine for size)
Objects-Align-Center of canvas
Effects-Eye Candy 4000- Marble
with these settings

♥~Fallen~♥ Image5

Now go to
Effects-Inner Bevel with these settings

♥~Fallen~♥ Image5

Select All- Float - Defloat
Modify- Expand x2
Add new raster layer and floodfill with white
move under your black frame layer
Adjust-Add/Remove Noise
check gussian at 75% noise

Open Paper #7 resize by 500 pixels
Click inside your white noise frame layer
with your magic wand
Selections- Modify - Expand x 3
Paste your paper under the white frame layer
Invert and delete n your paper

Open Flowers 3 resize height to 275 pixels
rotate to the left
copy and paste to your tag move down to the
left of your frame duplicate and mirror
then merge together

Open flower 1 resize height by 210 pixels
rotate to the left
copy and paste to your tag and
move to the bottom left
duplicate and mirror
Merge together
Select all Float- Defloat - Modify
Epand by 2
add a new raster layer inder the flowers
floodfill with whhite and give the same noise
as we did for the frame

Open the candles and resize width by 250 pixels
copy and paste to your tag
move down and center inbetween the
flower layers

Open the jewl element and resize width by 61 ixels
copy and paste like i have mine

Open mask 2 and resize width by 500
copy and paste to your tag just
above the black marble frame layer

Now add your tube just below the flowers
how you see fit
Select all- Float- Defloat- Expand x2
add a new raster layer under the tube and
floodfill with white
add the same noise we used before

Open the moon element resize width by 175 pixels
copy and paste to your tag just under your tube
position like mine

Open paper 20 resize by 500 pixels
copy and paste at the bottom of all layers
Layers - Mask - Vix mask 207

Add any other elements you like in the kit

keep as it is or you can move on and animate

Open Loveys Animation in ani shop
delete the copyright layer
Select all

Starting at the top move down closing all layers
down to the tube (hide the tube also)

Copy merged and paste in ani shop
Duplicate for a total of 19
Select all

Copy the animation and paste into selected frames
and place under the moon like mine

Back in PSP
Open all the layers you closed and close the ones
that were open
Copy merged

Paste into anishop as a new animation
duplicate so you have a total of 19 layers
Select all Copy and paste into selected frames

Now view animation

Hope you enjoyed this tut
be sure to come back and show me what your
results are....

♥~Fallen~♥ Mel
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