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PostSubject: MODERN GIRL    MODERN GIRL  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 11:53 am

MODERN GIRL  Moderngirldite

Tools Needed
Tube/s of choice I used the great work of Elias Chatzoudis you can find his tubes Here please dont use these tubes without the proper license.
Mask 42 by Becky (sorry u may have to find a mask similar to this as I cannot supply it) and Monti’s blind mask Here
Image of choice I used my own computer background for this tutorial
Modern Girl scrap kit by Bluey Here
Messenger layout by Bewitchen Here
Plugins Muras Meisters copies
Fonts of choice

This tutorial was written on the 3rd of November 2009. Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Open blank white canvas of 550x550, add a new layer and flood fill with a color of choice preferably one to match your tag. Add the circular mask that you chose I used Becky’s. Add a star from the scrap kit and go to effects muras copies with the following tiling feedback, random circle, and tile and behind and everything else the same, the only other thing that will be changed is the fade out will be checked.

Add Monti’s blind mask to this stars layer and resize to fit to your liking. Add the laptop from the kit or the computer and its parts. Add a slight drop shadow also. Click on the screen of the laptop/computer with your magic wand and select the inside.

Add a new raster layer and paste your image of choice into the selection. You can merge this selection down but you don’t have to wont matter. Now position your tube and other elements. But do not block the screen as yet. You can do that after.

Open your messenger, hit shift D and colorize to either match your tag or to your favorite color. Remember this messenger doesn’t always compliment what you wear lol. Now click on the 1st pic window and either decorate or put an image of choice on there, do the same for the following bottom box.

Be sure to make your chat box look real also!

Now add a conversation I’m sure you know how to do that lmao! I did a simple one from a highschooler’s convo somewhat.. Now copies merged and paste it right before your image on your laptop/computer.

Resize to fit the way you want it to. I added some noise to my mask layers and to the black parts of the laptop (more on the background and less on the laptop). You may want to darken your mask layer if it is way to light by duplicating it a few times.

Add your other elements, name, and copyright at this time and save...
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