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 Bunny Land

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PostSubject: Bunny Land   Bunny Land Icon_minitimeWed Mar 14, 2012 1:46 pm

This tutorial was written on the 13th of March 2012 any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and unintentional. A knowledge of PSP is needed for this.

Bunny Land Bunnyceline111

Tube of choice im using an awesome tube by Celine which can be purchased thru SATC and has not been released yet please dont use this tube without the proper license to do so.
Full size scrapkit by scrapz n stuff here
Mask of choice
Grass tube that comes with PSP

Ok here we go I am going to list the elements before we start as I hate kits that do not have the name of the elements on them (no offense scrap creators lol)

Frame 4
Ele 2
Ele 4
Ele 23
Ele 26
Ele 27
Ele 33
Ele 36
Ele 37
Eles 38-51 are all eggs so choose a few
Ele 54 by 10
Ele 60
Ele 62
Ele 67
Ele 97
2 Papers of choice

Ok Ok 800 x 800 canvas copy and paste frame 4 resize it by 35 and then again by 80, click in the inside of the circles expand by 3 add a new layer underneath and copy and paste paper into selection.

Open up a close up of your tube now locate a circle that doesnt have much in it, copy paste tube selection invert and delete, change the blend mode to screen.

Open up the 2nd paper of choice bring it below everything and add your mask of choice to it.

Next go to your PSP Tubes and select the grass tube that comes with it, before adding the grass add a new layer below the frame and background now go crazy clicking to make the shape of grass you want.

When you have that completed copy element 36 paste as a new layer resize it by 30 and then again by 40 and place hold down shift and click on the mouse and pull down to shape it to the circle.

Do this again for element 37 but resize it by 30 2xs.

Element 97 resize by 15 copy n paste as a new layer place above the mask layer duplicate and mirror.

Element 62 copy n paste resize by 30 and then 70.

Element 54 resized by 10 copy paste place on one side duplicate and mirror.

Element 67 resize by 20 copy and paste place on one end duplicate and mirror.

Element 2 resize by 20 and place, Now go find you some eggs ive resized most of mine between 8-10 and place them ontop of your basket, when you have enough in there merge all of them together.

Close out the egg layer for now, with your free hand selection tool, trace the oval of the inside of your basket selection invert open up your egg layer, and with your eraser tool start erasing the bottom of the eggs so they look like they are sittin in the basket.

Element 26 resize by 15 and then by 80 add your tube of choice as well.

Add some flowers as well if you wish.

Element 27 by 10

Element 23 by 10 n then by 50

Element 33 by 10

Element 4 resized to a size that you like.

Add your name and copyright and save.

Bunny Land Rainovermebreena
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Bunny Land
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