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PostSubject: MERRY CHRISTMAS    MERRY CHRISTMAS  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 12:50 pm


This tutorial was written on the 18th of December, 2009 any similarties to any other tutorials is purely coincidental

Tube/s of choice im using the beautiful work of Ismael Rac Here
GRADIENTS of choice I did red n white, gold from the PSP
Brushes of choice I got my sparkles brush from HERE
Fonts of choice
Animation of choice
Animation shop

Open 600 x225 blank canvas and flood fill white, add a new layer click on your flood fill tool and choose 2 colors to go with your tag. I chose red and white repeats 1 and flood filled the new layer.

Add a new layer and add your brushes of choice I just used stars and sparkles on mine.

With Another color as the background and foreground null; go to your preset shapes choose your rectangle tool and make a rectangle going across your tag like I did mine I went up maybe 5-6 pixels you can make it as big as you want.

Now that we have the “base” made switch to your gold gradient as your foreground color, click on your pen tool. Choose your line as the diamond and set your width to 10 vector selected. Make a line going across the tag like mine. Add a drop shadow of choice, duplicate adjust blur Gaussian blur 3 and change the blend mode to soft light and merge down.

Now add all your tubes under the green layer, after your tubes is positioned the way you want add a new layer and flood fill with the gradient change the opacity to 50 percent on this. Now go to effects texture effects and change your gap size to 1, width 1, and opacity at 15, fill gaps checked, color white.

Duplicate the rectangular layer and go to effects blinds and add the following
change the properties to lighten. I also added some brushes to this layer and messed around with the properties to what seemed ok to me.

Add your tube of choice for the main tube duplicate adjust blur Gaussian blur 3, and change the properties to soft light merge down. Add your name or text of choice now along with your copyright.

I also added a border selections selct all, selections modify, select selections border i used 1 for the top layer floodfill with a color, do this again but change to 3; add a new layer and floodfill bring this below the 1st border. Do this again but add 5 and bring below, merge these 3 layers together and add a drop shawdow.


Open the animation in animation shop; select all, animation replace color. Selected all frames clicked, replace old color which should be black with transparent. Now export it to PSP, now that all frames are in PSP colorize the star to match your tag and change the opacity on each to 50.

Save your gif as a psp animation shop and open it up once again in A/S. Copy merged your tag and pastes as a new animation, duplicate it so you have 5. Now select all stars and all 5 of the tags paste all your stars under your name/text and save.

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