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PostSubject: CHRISTMAS WINTER SCENE 2   CHRISTMAS WINTER SCENE 2 Icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 12:54 pm

CHRISTMAS WINTER SCENE 2 ThierryBeaudenonBreenaKellzz

This Tut was written on the 18th of November 2008. Any similarity to any other tutorials is purely coincidental
Tube of choice, I am using the great work of Thierry Beaudenon

House, Trees, candles, and garland from Rainbow coffi you can find her work at PSP playground
I got the window through a Yahoo group. you can find various window tubes atPsptubedepot
snowflakes I got mine thru a group I belong to but you can find one of your choice
Font of choice and a good knowledge of psp is needed.
Filters needed muras miesters cloud
eyecandy 5 nature
Ani Shop

Open a white canvas 650 x 650 copy and paste your window of choice and add a dropshadow of choice. Copy an paste either a paper of choice or floodfill a color of choice as a new layer, bring under the window layer. Click in your windows and in the middle of your window pretty much where there is color go to your paper layer and hit delete, you should now have a white background there and your wall. Add a new layer and add your house tube you may have to resize so do so now. we are going to add your street choose a lite grey I used the light one in the color pallete for both for n background, click on your preset shape rectangle and make a rectangle as long as your window but not as wide. Add a new raster layer change your forground to white width set at 2 now take your pen tool vector unchecked and make a line going across the road look at my tag for an example dont worry about the snow we'll get there. Add whatever esle you want on the sidewalks etc I added light to the windows by clicking in the windows with my magic wand add a new layer and floodfill with a really light yellow.
So add tubes etc that you want on your tag I added my tube, candle, etc make it look the way you want it. We are now going to add the snow on the street and on the windows.
Return to your street layer and add the following with your ec 5 Dusting very heavy, drift height 0, dust on all features 75, dust on bright features 20, bright features threshold set at 70. For the windows I did a light dusting and play arund so you can put the window the way you want.
Back at your background layer add a new raster layer effects muras filters clouds and add the following to your layer
CHRISTMAS WINTER SCENE 2 Winterscene2muras
your tag should look similar to mine. You can add your name and and copyright at this time if you dont want to animate.

Shut alll layers aff except for your house, street, clouds and background. Copy merged this and paste into animation shop duplicate as much as to need (simple same amount as your snowflake frames). Select all your merged frames and all your snowflake frames and copy and paste into selections do this so it covers your image. Return back to your psp open up your other layers and shut off the other ones that were open. Copy merged and paste as a new layer into animation shop duplicate to match your images select all and paste into your image set your animation properties to 15 save and your tags all finished

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