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 -♥Kiss My Irish Ass♥-

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PostSubject: -♥Kiss My Irish Ass♥-   Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:38 pm

This tut comes from my own brain any similarity's are purely creative minds thinking alike...
I am using PSP x3 but im sure any version will work..

Supplies Needed
A few tubes im using the brilliant Ismael Rac
he work is sold
Scrap Kit from Fantisy Moments called St.Patty
Template By the Awesomely Creative Heidi you can find her template here

Plug Ins
Eye Candy gradient glow

kk on to the tut

-Open Heidi's template and resize 500x500
-Add your tubes and place them like mine (hide for now)
-Open paper #4 and resize to 500x500 - copy
-highlight frame background layer on your temp Selections-Float-Defloat
-Paste paper as a new layer then -selection-invert-delete
-Highlight glitter frame -Adjust-add noise
random checked
monochrome checked
-Effects (on the same frame) EC- gradient glow
with these settings

-Open paper #24 resize to 500x500- copy
highlight the rectangle layer - selections-float-defloat
-paste paper as a new layer-selections-invert-delete-select none
-Gradient glow with same settings
-Open Paper #19-resize 500x500-copy
-Highlight strip 1-selections-float-defloat
-paste paper as new layer-invert-delete- select none
-open paper#77-resize to 500x500-copy
-highlight the sm circle layer selections-float-defloat
-paste paper s new layer-selections-invert-delete-select none
-add gradient glow
-Open paper #1-resize 500x500-copy
-Highlight the large circle layer -selections-float-defloat
-paste paper as new layer-selections-invert-delete
-add gradient glow
-Delete the word art SWEET and LOVING, the hearts, and tiny word art
-now add the same Noise settings to Green Irish and both shamrocks
-Now woth your text tool (ur font of choice) wright out ASS in the same color as Irish
Image-Free rotate to the left 90deg
-Selections-float-defloat-modify-expand by 2
-Add new raster layer-move below ASS and flood fill white
-add gradient glow to white layer
-Follow the same directions with the words KISS MY
-dont forget the gradient glow
-Add any element you like from the kit
-Add your copyrights and names and your done

Thanks for looking at my tut
dont forget to come back and post your results in this post

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-♥Kiss My Irish Ass♥-
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